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Chloë Grace Moretz was born on the 10th of February, 1997, in Atlanta. In 2014 Chloe participated in the performance of the play which is named ‘The Library’. Chloe has been on the covers of a great number of magazines, such as Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire.She was brought up in a very intelligent family where her parents were highly educated. It was her debut theatre part and she hopes to be given further possibilities to show herself on the stage. Chloe has been given a lot of different awards for her drama and comedian parts. She has participated in a lot of fashion shows of famous designers.There were many kids in the family and Chloe was raised in Christian tradition. Husbands and kids: Chloe is not married and has no kids. Lately she has become the face of the line of clothing for teenagers which is named ‘Aéropostale’.The family often attended church and from time to time they even took part in the worships.

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